Maria Koltsida

Pianist – Composer 

Lives and works in Athens and Berlin


June 2010 | Degree in Piano Performance, Department of Music Science and Arts, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece 

June 2001 | Degree in Piano Performance, Private Music School, Athens 



August 2014 | “The time is now”, Free Improvisation Workshop held by Antonis Anissegos and James Wylie, Music Village, Volos

August 2013 | Traditional Greek singing Workshop held by Theodora Athanasiou, Music Village, Volos

May 2012 | Movement Seminar with Frosso Korou and Kostas Filippoglou, BIOS, Athens 

August 2012 | “The 7 deadly sins”, music and theater Workshop held by Martha Frintzila and Vasilis Mantzoukis, Music Village, Volos  

August 2009 | Summer Piano Academy held by A. Leimoni, I. Petrin, R. Boldorini, L. Boyiajieva, M. Rosseti, H. Takenouchi, Poros

July 2005 | Summer Piano Academy held by B. Ringeisen

2000 – 2004 | Piano Workshops held by Dimitris Toufexis, Athens



June 2015 | "Sirines" composed for 24H "Mount Olympus"  BerlinerFestspiele 

February 2015 | “Real Time Composition”, (piano), Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin 

October 2014 | Original music for the theatrical play “Don't forget to go home”, directed my D. Mitsaki, produced by Kollectiva Balkana, Berlin

2014 – 2015 | Reverse Mode, (piano,vocals,co-arranger), live performances in T berlin, Ma thilda, Shangl Hangl, Ä bar, Gottlieb-Dunkel Festival, Berlin

June 2014 | Original music for short film “Walk in my shoes” by Dimitra Mitsaki, Berlin

May 2014 | Muviek – live music for silent movies, (composing,metallophone,vocals,looper), Polutexno, Corfu

2013 – 2015 | Composing and performing“1 + ∞” for “Milch” theatrical play by Nausica group,  Month of Performance Art, Acud theater, Berlin. “1 + ∞” was also presented as a stand-alone event in Kuss-Kuss, Berlin and in ZP87 and Baumstrasse, Athens

June 2013 | Original music for documentary “Philoxenia” directed by D. Donners, Athens

2012 – 2013 | Piano Trio“Duo for 3”concerts in Athenaeum, Cultural Center of P. Psuxiko, Dizzy Miles, Delfiko Conservatory of music, Athens

June 2010 | Piano Recital, Ceremonial Hall of University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki


2013 – 2014 | Piano teacher and head of Music and Movement workshop for children, Greek Community Center, Berlin

2012 | Music Teacher in “Zanneio”experimental Junior high school, Peireus 

2004 - 2012 | Piano teacher and head of Music and Movement workshop for children, Chandrou private music school, Athens


August 2014 | “Paralliles”, (script, acting, music), short movie directed by N. Phillimonos, Athens

2010 – 2012 | Member of theater group “Pulse”, devised theater, Athens 

2011 | Participation in the theatrical play “Crentarius”, theater Hellenic Cosmos, “Pulse” production, directed by Adel Sanoussi 

2009 | Flamenco training by A. Aspromallis, Thessaloniki